The Treatment Process

The process of scalp micropigmentation normally takes place over 2-3 sessions each taking approx. 2-4 hours with a minimum 7 days healing time between sessions. This is to ensure the correct colour, density and hair follicle size is matched and blends seamlessly with existing hair. During treatment application we can use a variation of needle groups to copy your natural hair density. Using different penetration depths, angles and distribution settings we can replicate each individual hair follicle. Our specialised pigments mimic hair follicles and are state of the art premium solutions. The Versatility and performance of these pigments allow us to mix hues perfectly to match your own natural hair colour when at a short or buzzed length. After each treatment there will be some redness in the area. This usually subsides in 2-4 days. Full after care guidelines are provided to ensure your new look heals well for optimum results with a 1 year guarantee.

Price depends on the area requiring treatment. It can be anywhere from $900-$2300. When provided with photos for assessment we can do a personalised quotation, and have interest free finance available.

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About Lucy

Lucy has worked in the health and beauty industry for over 19 years after training in Film and Television Makeup and application in 2000. Her diverse skills and experience has seen her work on weddings, photographic, film and television, special effects and advertising. After discovering Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) and The Shadow Clinic’s incredible transformations, she felt drawn to train in SMP and bring this hair loss solution to the South Island. Her attention to detail, eye for symmetry and creative skills combined with The Shadow Clinic’s in depth training make her an ideal owner operator of The Shadow Clinic Christchurch.

Scalp Micropigmentation is the detailed process of applying pigment directly to the dermal layer to create the appearance of hair follicles. When any existing hair is kept to a buzz cut or close shave the effect is of a full hair line. This is an ideal solution for those effected by male pattern baldness, Alopecia, receding thinning or complete baldness. In addition we can cover scaring from previous hair transplants, or add density to those with thinning hair. Our technique is surgery free, scar free, drug free and wig free. Visual results are immediate and after just one treatment you will leave the clinic with a renewed hair line. With minimal down time clients can be back to work, socialising and doing the things they love.